Monday, November 14, 2011

Is It Spring Yet ??!!!!

Here are few creations fresh off the vise.  It will be a little while before I get a chance to test them out.  When spring time comes I plan on splashing these down on top of some trout.  I hope they work.  :)

" The Stunner "

" The Smyth "

" The Irritator "


  1. I know for a fact the Irritator will work! I challenge you to prove me wrong lol. Also tomorrow I am going to do another blog shout out and I will put yours in it.

  2. Good looking flies there Magee! Digging the new site...cheers!

  3. TM,

    They're all wonderful flies, but that last one will do some damage.

  4. Nice...I've always wanted to try tying hairwing streamers but havn't given it a go yet. I like the "Smyth" pattern alot.

  5. BrkTrt,
    Thanks a lot. I can't wait to fling that last one at some of those Brookies :) Tight LInes.

  6. Dustin,
    Thanks a lot. I hope that the Brookies like that one. Thanks for the shout out too. :) Tight Lines.

  7. Sanders,
    Thanks much man. Glad you dig the site and flies. Hope you can use some of them out there in Colorado :) Tight LInes.

  8. HPFF,
    Thanks a lot. I used some pheasant feathers for that top ones wings. Hope it does the trick. Tight Lines.


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