Tuesday, November 8, 2011

All You Need Is a Hook :)

Hello everyone.  This blogs soul purpose is to show some of the flies I have and will create.  I am going to try and tie flies that are created from things found outside in nature.  I will try and create each fly with the only thing man made will be the hook itself.  I will also be posting flies made from all kinds of materials, man made and around the house.  This blog will also include how to posts and flies for sale.  I hope you will enjoy and learn something new from the posts to come.  I look forward to everyone's input and hope to do some giveaways too in the future.  This website will be dedicated to all things flies.  Tight Lines. 


  1. I like it! Looking forward to following along and seeing all of the deadly patterns coming off the MaGee Vise...Cheers!

  2. Sanders,
    Thanks man. I am glad to hear you like it. Looks like your the first follower,appreciate it:) Hopefully I can keep up with two blogs. Maybe this can be my winter one :) Tight Lines.

  3. One day I will start tying flies - probably once I learn to fly cast a bit better - and be able to put all of this info to use. Until then, I'll enjoy the reads here and admire the art withing the fly! Good stuff!

  4. Hey TM. Nice blog with a great theme.
    Looking forward to some nice flies.
    By the way is that a "Bomber"

  5. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for following. I will try my best to provide tips and tricks. I really enjoy tying my own flies and have a hard time spending money on buying them from a store. Tight Lines.

  6. BrkTrt,
    Thanks a lot for following along. That means a lot coming from a master of fly tying :) That was one of my first attempts at a Bomber :) Not the prettiest but the fish seemed to like it all the same ;) Tight Lines.

  7. Loving it man!! Looking forward to some killer fly patterns coming out of this. That first fly really got my attention , I can't say that I have anything in my nymph box that looks like that...and I want a couple!! Great stuff as always....Jeff

  8. H.P.F.F.,
    Thanks a lot man. That first fly worked nicely during a certain time of year. I used some nice light orange marabou on the neck. I look forward to hearing what everyone thinks of some of these creations. Thanks for following. Tight Lines


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