Saturday, November 12, 2011

C.R.K. Bomber Fly !

I know there are some fellow bloggers out there that like to tie up and use Bombers to catch some beauty trout.  I first heard of this fly from BrkTrt of Small Stream Reflections.  I too have grown to love this fly for fishing Brookies.  I also am a big fan of chucking out my Castle Rock Killer pattern to some hungry Browns.  So this got me thinking,"Why not combine the two and see what happens."  Here is a quick photo step by step of the fly that was created.  Running low on hackle I was forced to use larger than usual feathers.  It ended up a little fluffier than I was going for, but I look forward  to seeing how it works. 

This is another pattern I came up with .  It is tied on a size 14 Hook.  Does anybody else out there use the thread to hide the shine of the hook.  I do this because it seems to me trout will see this as it looking more like a leg or abdomen instead of a shiny hook.  I usually try to use a natural looking color for thread.  Green seems to be my go to color.   

Until Next Time...........Tight Lines to  All !!!!


  1. I have done that before to hide the shine. Not because I had a doubt it would not work but for the fact a customer wanted me to

  2. Dustin,
    Thanks. I seem to have pretty good luck when using flies tied like that. Works well with big flies with lots of shiny part showing :) Tight Lines


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