Thursday, April 12, 2012

Streamer Madness !! Thanks Currents !!

I had shot an email at John of the blog Currents asking him what kind of streamers he uses in the Driftless and also what techniques work best when using them.  I received an email back saying he would send me a few to try out up here in my area.  So we traded some of his streamers for some of my dries I like to use up here when the fish are rising.  I was excited to get the flies and looked forward to their arrival.  Wednesday the package arrived in the mail.  I opened it up like a kid in the candy store and was super stoked when I saw what was inside!!  Some kick a$$ streamers that I look forward to tossing at some nice big Browns :)  I just wanted to say thanks and that the dry flies are on the way :)  If you haven't checked out his blog yet be sure and do so!  Big Trout, Pike,Carp,Catfish etc.... Great pics as well.  You won't be disappointed.  

My Box is looking a lot better :)

Oh man look out trout :)

I have a feeling the Big Browns are gonna love this one.

I can't wait to sink these into some deep holes and see what is hanging out deep :)

I am hoping that they can't resist :)

Until Next Time.....Tight Lines to All !!!!!!!


  1. gotta love those big streamers! Lately for me the bite has been best really deep, sometimes even bouncing them off the bottom.

    Can't wait to see what you hook into with those!

    1. Blake,

      Thanks much. I look forward to testing them out. He ties some nice looking streamers for sure. Tight Lines.

  2. Fantastic ties, any of these pattern would be a killer--thanks for sharing

    1. Bill,
      John really ties some nice streamers. I can't wait to use them. Tight Lines.


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